每月將固定捐款與台灣動物防虐協會TSPCA一起維護動物權利 !

SOUL R. VEGAN與 Taiwan SPCA 台灣防止虐待動物協會 一起維護動物權利,在我們生活的這片土地上,我們有許多動物團體的好朋友們正不餘遺力地為動物家人們建造一個更美好的生活環境。透過小小愛心串聯起大家的力量,一起幫助台灣的動物家人們 ❤
SOUL R.團隊深信『純素飲食 / 動物生命寶貴』的信念能為世界帶來和平。讓我們一起透過分享,一起讓愛充滿全世界 WORLD LOVE ❤


SOUL R. VEGAN will donate money to Taiwan SPCA every month to improve animal welfare.
Each time I read "Cesar Millan's Short Guide to a Happy Dog”, it always makes my heart melt. Like Cesar Millan said, ”if you want to relate to dogs, you must live in their world. It’s an instinctual world—not an intellectual or spiritual world. You enter this world by trusting your instincts. Dogs communicate with energy.”
And now, in this moment, my dog friend Cookie is wagging her tail, push us to go for a walk. ❤

SOUL R. VEGAN and Taiwan SPCA stand together to improve animal welfare. In the land we live, there is so much organization about animal welfare, make great efforts on making make this world a better place for animal friends. ❤

Connecting everyone's power by love, helping Taiwan animal friends together. SOUL R. team truly believe in vegan and animal welfare can bring peace to the world. Let's spread love around the world. WORLD LOVE. ❤